Career Connections

Johnson County Area
Business and Community Leaders Dinners...

Please RSVP for the Thursday, March 31, 6:00pm dinner at or call the school and leave a message at 618-658-4461 x 234.

Vienna High School has been intentionally working to expand programs that connect students to meaningful career opportunities. In our effort to build this capacity we have a vision that includes establishing a version of a chamber of commerce style group that is first and foremost a help to business in our community and, at the same time, will be a win for students.

Our first step in doing this has been to invite all business owners, those associated with business, those that are community leaders, elected officials, and or have interest in the employment and economic growth of our community to a twice yearly Business and Community Leaders Dinners. This dinners are hosted at Vienna High School in the commons area. The agenda for these meetings will includes a great meal along with discussion on how the school’s career programming and students can help facilitate this group and move it into the future. At our first meeting in September 2021 Senator Dale Fowler and Representative Patrick Windhorst spoke about legislative matters pertaining to business and community. Our next meeting will have a robust agenda that will be helpful to business and community leaders. As we establish this agenda we look forward to hearing feedback from you.

PaCE (Postsecondary and Career Expectations)

It is the goal of Vienna High School to ensure that each student will have an individualized learning plan to help make decisions about career and post-secondary goals. Vienna High School has developed a comprehensive framework within the scope and sequence of grade level transitions to ensure that students are connected to a meaningful career path and have been able to develop a road map for success post high school graduation.

Vienna High School has and continues to develop Career Pathways and numerous career related support services.